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Etop is a rising composer whose music elicits empathy and emotion. His latest instrumental track, Blue Collar, pays homage to vintage blues-rock artists, such as Booker T and Canned Heat. It captures not only the vintage sound, but feel, of the blues and rock bands of the late 1960s to early 1980s. The track plays on the time when everything was about live sounds and instruments. A drummer keeps a steady beat for other musicians, the lead guitar and rhythm guitars play in harmony, and the harmonicas and vocals complement each other perfectly. This captures the authenticity of the “good ol’ times.”


Etop’s family immigrated to the United States during 1986, from South America and West Africa. The family settled in Brooklyn, and as a playful youth, Etop would find joy and entertainment in hearing songs on records. Later on in life, Etop received an associate degree in architecture, while studying at New York city’s Technical College.This allowed Etop to receive his bachelor of arts in architecture at the Pratt Institute of Arts and Design. Even though Etop was on the path to architectural design, music production had always been his calling.


Thus, Etop’s tracks are all a breath of fresh air, filled with the soul of the roads to New York, and the streets of Brooklyn. It’s evident that Etop not only creates his work through the use of his imagination, but as well through his surroundings, and experiences. While studying at Pratt, Etop learned that music and architecture share a common theme: both start out as a concept, and evolve into something beautiful. Etop’s sound is a direct descendant of this correlation, and it doesn’t disappoint at all.

"A collage of 70s pop flavors and textures"
- JamSphere
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